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Le professeur Eobard Thawne (né en 2151), également connu sous le pseudonyme du Négatif de Flash (Reverse-Flash) est un supersonique méta-humain originaire du 22ème siècle, un descendant du policier Eddie Thawne et l'ennemi juré du super-héros Flash, ayant assassiné sa mère, Nora Allen, alors qu'il n'avait que 11 ans et indirectement fait accuser son père, Henry Allen, qui a alors été emprisonné Eddie Thawne (1985 - May 19, 2015) was a police detective of the Keystone City Police Department until he transferred to Central City Police Department. He was the partner of Joe West, the fiancé of Iris West, a good friend of Barry Allen, and an ancestor of Eobard Thawne Professeur Eobard Thawne (née en 2151), aussi connu comme étant le Négative de Flash (En VO : Reverse Flash) est un supersonique du 22éme siècle et l'ennemi juré de Barry Allen/Flash Edward Thawne was portrayed by Rick Cosnett; Related. 33 Appearances of Edward Thawne (Arrowverse) 2 Images featuring Edward Thawne (Arrowverse) 1 Quotations by or about Edward Thawne (Arrowverse) Character Gallery: Edward Thawne (Arrowverse) Footnotes ↑

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  1. ently on The Flash, the character is based on the DC Comics villain of the same name and is portrayed by actors Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher
  2. The other major reveal is the Reverse-Flash is actually Eobard Thawne, and Eddie is his distant ancestor. The show never provides an exact family tree to work out their relation to one another, but it appears Eobard is essentially the great-great-grandson of Eddie
  3. al, and the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash
  4. Detective Eddie Thawne is a police detective working alongside Detective Joe West. Eobard Thawn is the descendant of Eddie Thawne (Eobard Thawne is Reverse Flash / Harrison Wells and is also the Flash's mentor and nemesis BTW) so basically, Eobard Thawne is from the future and got stuck during the present due to a lost battle with the Flash
  5. Eddie est le petit ami d' Iris West, et un policier. Eobard Thawne qui lui révèle qu'il est son descendant. Il se suicide pour sauver Central City, pour que Eobard ne naisse jamais

Eobard Thawne alias Professeur Zoom (ou Reverse-Flash (en VO) / Nega-Flash (en VF)) est un personnage de fiction, super-vilain de l'univers DC Comics créé par John Broome et Carmine Infantino et apparu pour la première fois dans The Flash (vol. 1) #139 en 1963. C'est le pire ennemi de Barry Allen, le second Flash Eobard seems to have contempt towards Eddie Thawne, after revealing their relation to Eddie, Eobard made it clear that Eddie wasn't killed because it would risk his own existence, Eobard viewed Eddie with condescension as history had virtually no record of Eddie, unlike the distinguished politicians, scientists and captains of industry that are Eddie's descendants and Eobard's ancestors. Professor Eobard Zoom Thawne, otherwise known as the Reverse-Flash, is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, he made his debut in The Flash #139 (September 1963) Professor Eobard Zoom Thawne, also known as Reverse-Flash, is the arch-nemesis of the Flash. He is a twisted sociopathic criminal, with a brilliant mind and super-speed, that was born in the 25th Century and travels through time to do battle with his most hated enemy. He has also been a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains

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Professor Eobard Thawne is a speedster from the future and the arch nemesis of Barry Allen. He wears a primarily yellow suit to contrast the Flash's suit, and is known as the Reverse-Flash. His connection to the Speed Force is a different variation from Barry's, and his version allows him to travel back in time easier. In 2019 a few members of the Team and a few members of the Justice League. He's Eobard Thawne. He then informs Eddie that they're related. Eddie's quick to point out that he hasn't seen Eobard around at the family reunions, and Eobard tells him he's from the future (not. Eobard was born in 2151 into the Thawne family, an affluent bloodline of politicians, scientists, and captains of industry, and is a descendant of Eddie Thawne. Eobard has stated that he is a distinguished member of his family, and that even his first name Eobard is distinguished. He also appears quite knowledgeable of his family's history even knowing of his ancestor Eddie despite history. Last scene where Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne Reveals himself to eddie. [Scene from The Flash Season 1 Episode 20] 1x20 I do not own anything, all rights bel..

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Barry Allen/Eobard Thawne (187) Eddie Thawne/Iris West (176) Caitlin Snow/Earth-2 Harrison Harry Wells (126) Ronnie Raymond/Caitlin Snow (116) Caitlin Snow & Eobard Thawne | Harrison Wells (101) Barry Allen/Oliver Queen (100) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (374) Alternate Universe (302) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (274) Fluff (227) Romance (179) Hurt/Comfort (162) Time Travel (112. The Eobard Thawne that is going to come will be from the Original Unseen Timeline (OUT) and not from the show story timeline. Eddie Thawne dying created an irreversible fork in the timeline that permanently broke the chances of OUT and the show st.. Edward was born to Thaddeus& Francine Thawne in Keystone City. Eddie was actually a twin but unfortunately, Eddie's twin brother did not survive birth. However, the Thawnes already had a daughter a couple of years before. Eddie always felt he was at blame for his brother not surviving& his way of coping was to eat. Eddie was overweight as a child& being short made it even worse. He was.

Detective Eddie Thawne is a police detective of the Central City Police Department, formerly of the Keystone City Police Department, the boyfriend of Iris West as well as partners with her father Joe, and a good friend of Barry Allen Eobard Thawne, autrement connu comme professeur Zoom et arrière-Flash, est un supervillain apparaissant dans les bandes dessinées publiées par DC Comics. Créé par John Broome et Carmine Infantino, il a fait ses débuts dans The Flash # 139 (Septembre 1963) Professor Eobard Thawne (born c. 2151), also known as the Reverse-Flash, is a meta-human speedster from the twenty-second century, a descendant of the late Eddie Thawne, a time criminal, and the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash. Obsessed with the twenty-first century's Flash, Eobard recreated..

Professor Eobard Thawne (also known as the Reverse-Flash) is a meta-human speedster and a time criminal from 22nd century. He is a descendant of the late Eddie Thawne and the arch-enemy of Barry Allen/The Flash. Obsessed with the aforementioned speedster hero, Eobard recreated the accident that was responsible for The Flash's powers and became a speedster himself. After his very first trip. After being kidnapped by the time-traveling Eobard Thawne, Eddie was revealed to be the villain's ancestor. Eddie would later die by sacrificing himself to prevent Eobard from existing, saving his friends' lives and preventing the Reverse-Flash from doing any further harm to Central Cityand to time itself Thaddeus was one of the kind of brothers who always won and rubbed it in Eobard face so much that Eobard started to grow a feeling of hatred for his brother. Eobard's parents were always there for Thaddeus but not for Eobard which caused Eobard to feel a hatred for them too. M.I.T and that Day that changed everythin

Eobard Thawne Johnny Quick. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon Eobard was born in 2151 into the Thawne family. He is descended from Eddie Thawne, an SS soldier in the present day. The Thawne family was Neo Nazis bitter about the fall of Adolf Hitler in 2024 thanks to the efforts of Barry Allen As we see in season 1 of The Flash, Eddie Thawne shoots himself in the season finale and we see Eobard get erased from existence. However in Legends of Tomorrow (Season 2) he is one of the Antagonists. How is he alive even if he was erased from existence? Update # Professor Eobard Thawne (c. 2151- May 19, 2015) was a meta-human speedster from the 22nd century, a descendant of Eddie Thawne, a time criminal, and the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash as well as an enemy of the Legends Eddie is revealed to be Eobard Thawne's ancestor. Eddie dies by sacrificing himself to prevent Eobard from existing, saving his friends' lives and preventing him from committing any further harm to Central City and time itself. Doppelgängers. Eddie Thawne (Earth Five) Eddie Thawne (Earth-6) Eddie Thawne (Earth-10) Eddie Thawne (Earth-17

Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash has been a captivating villain so far in the Arrowverse. Despite his endless obsession with the Flash, Thawne tends to face off against other heroes on a frequent basis too. And since Thawne uses different people as hosts, the character has been portrayed by four actors so far in the Arrowverse Eobard Thawne est un speedster méta-humain originaire du 22ème siècle, connu sous le pseudonyme de Reverse-Flash et qui est considéré comme le pire ennemi de Flash.. Lors d'un voyage dans le passé, il se retrouve bloqué dans le temps et son pouvoir de super-vitesse est réduit.Il n'a d'autres choix que de prendre l'identité du professeur Harrison Wells afin d'accélérer l'apparition. Professor Eobard Thawne, also known as the Reverse-Flash, is a time-traveling criminal from the 22nd century, and the archenemy of The Flash. Professor Eobard Thawne, born in 2151, was obsessed with The Flash. He spent years figuring out how he came to be, and after managing to duplicate the process that granted the speedster his powers, he successfully managed to gain a connection to the.

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Originally Eobard Thawne was a career criminal in the 25th century, who stumbled across a time capsule containing a copy of The Flash's costume and (for some reason) a tachyon device that enabled Thawne to give himself super-speed by amplifying the residual energy within the costume. Armed with this, Thawne went back in time to become a supervillain, where he was easily beaten by the The Flash. Mar 31, 2020 - Explore greenlantern587's board Eobard Thawne on Pinterest. See more ideas about Eobard thawne, Reverse flash, Flash wallpaper Eddie Thawne commits suicide, which causes Thawne to be erased from existence. However, possibly suspicious because of his encounters with the two future Barry's, Eobard manages to find a way to survive his erasure, possibly using the Negative Speed Force to shield himself from the timeline change

Eddie Thawne, played by Rick Cosnett, is initially a new transfer from a different city. He's seen as a bit smug and too eager, but becomes Joe West 's partner after Joe's old partner is killed. He.. Eventually, Thawne is exposed and his plans are foiled when he is erased from existence after his ancestor Eddie Thawne commits suicide, though the Reverse-Flash's existence lingers to preserve the timeline. In season two, Eobard's last will as Harrison Wells contains a recorded confession for Barry that clears Henry of all charges. Thawne reappears in later seasons, still wearing Wells' face. Professor Eobard Zoom Thawne, otherwise known as the Reverse-Flash, is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, he made his debut in The Flash #139 (September 1963). The first and most well-known character to assume the Reverse-Flash mantle, Thawne is the archenemy of Barry Allen (the second superhero to be called the.

Wells is later revealed to be Eobard Thawne, the Flash's archenemy from the 22nd century and a descendant of police officer Eddie Thawne. Traveling to the 21st century to erase the Flash from history by murdering Barry's mother Nora and framing his father Henry , Thawne, left stranded with his Speed Force connection severed, killed the real Wells and assumed his identity. [9 1 History 1.1 Origin 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Abilities 3 Appearances 3.1 The Flash 4 Notes 5 Trivia 6 See Also 7 Links Eddie Thawne Born Edward Thawne was a Detective of Central City Police Department and was the Current Partner of Joe West. He was a Former Detective of Keystone..

The biography of Eobard Thawne from the Arrowverse. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon If Eobard Thawne was erased from existence, when Eddie Thawne kills himself, how does he know that his ancestor did in fact die? Close. 10. Posted by. u/Heowolf1. 2 years ago. Archived. If Eobard Thawne was erased from existence, when Eddie Thawne kills himself, how does he know that his ancestor did in fact die? We see in the season 2 flash episode, that the RF travels to the past for the. Eobard Thawne has learned that the hard way more than once. But sometimes, fate favours those who find the courage and the fortitude to take the risks necessary to change it, especially when it comes from a desire to help someone else. For while it can be cruel, it's not without a sense of humour. Language: English Words: 17,956 Chapters: 3/3 Kudos: 1 Hits: 19; The Seventh Subject by. Eobard Thawne was born in January 6th, 2151 into the influential Thawne family. At age 10, Eobard was taught astro-navigation in his elementary school. He became fascinated with his family's history, even managing to discover about the existence of Eddie Thawne, a man who had been deemed a failure for the Thawne lineage, and thus had his record erased. When he became scientist, Thawne became.

Cisco Ramon/Harrison Wells | Eobard Thawne; Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote; Tumblr Prompt; Memes; ridiculous unindexable collection; Summary. Each prompt response has it's own chapter with the fandom, verse if it applies, pairing as the chapter title, notes will contain prompt and prompter. So if you want to just read what you're interested in, you should be able to go through the chapter index. Eobard Thawne is a criminal,a time pirate. He is a friend of Barry Allen. His first arch-nemis was Nemesis. He has later become the arch-nemesis of The Flash. He has become a criminal that works under the alter-ego Reverse-Flash After Flash of Earth-1 opened a breach, he was so fast that he runned in it and travelled to Earth-1. While stuck there he said'' I am Eobard Thawne'' to his syndicte. DC has released a preview for Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter's The Flash #753 that explores the many deaths of Eobard Thawne, aka The Reverse-Flash. In order to stop Paradox, Flash will need to locate Thawne somewhere in time. However, in doing so, he's forced to revisit the various instances in which his most enduring and persistent foe. Eddie Thawne; Eobard Thawne | Harrison Wells; Leonard Snart; Mick Rory; Lisa Snart; Hartley Rathaway; Ronnie Raymond; Martin Stein; Wade Eiling; Implied/Referenced Child Abuse; Implied/Referenced Torture; Hurt/Comfort; Angst; Summary. Laura has spent her whole life trying to escape the pain her father caused her, doing her best to not let the past destroy her. However, when the accelerator.

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Oct 27, 2019 - Explore Robyn Ruggier's board Eobard Thawne on Pinterest. See more ideas about Eobard thawne, Reverse flash, Gold aesthetic Eobard Thawne réapparait de façon étrange sur Terre X - durant le crossover 'Crisis on Earth-X' de l'année dernière - et aide Oliver Queen et Kara Danvers à envahir Terre 1 pour prendre sa revanche. Après que le plan ait échoué, il s'est enfuit dans un endroit inconnu. Chronologiquement, c'est la plus ancienne version de Thawne que nous ayons vue jusqu'à présent dans. Eobard Thawne has vast knowledge and proficiency in various fields of science, most prominently shown from his successful replication of the Flash's accident to replicate his former idol/future archenemies' powers for him self. He has a superb knowledge of meta-human biochemistry and molecular structure, creating a biomolecular enhancer. Master Engineer: Eobard Thawne is very proficient in the.

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Eobard Thawne est un supersonique méta-humain originaire du 22ème siècle, connu sous le pseudonyme de Reverse-Flash et qui est considéré comme le pire ennemi de Flash, bien qu'il soit plus rapide, plus fort et plus intelligent que ce dernier.Il rêve de prendre sa place et se rend donc dans le passé pour le tuer. Après l'échec de son plan, il décide de se faire des alliés et fonde la. May 29, 2016 - Explore Chase R's board Eobard Thawne, followed by 135 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Eobard thawne, Reverse flash, The flash Eddie Thawne (died May 19, 2015) was a police detective of the Keystone City Police Department until he transferred to Central City Police Department. In the comics, Eobard & Thaddeus Thawne are the descendants of Malcolm Thawne With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Eobard Thawne animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>

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  1. But because Reverse-Flash's real name is Eobard Thawne both in DC Comics and on The Flash, as Tricksters revealed, fans have been wondering if cop Eddie Thawne is actually Eobard's father, who..
  2. al, and the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash
  3. Malcolm Thawne doesn't appear in the Flash, however a character named Eddie Thawne appears instead as the ancestor to Eobard Thawne and is Barry's friendly love-rival for the affections of Iris West. There are many differences between the show and the comic

In truth, Eddie was Eobard Thawne's ancestor. When he learned that crucial fact, Eddie made the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends: he took his own life, thus erasing his future family line from existence. Therefore, Reverse-Flash was erased from the timeline, and Eddie's presence on the series, unfortunately, ended An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work The theory centers around the death of Eddie Thawne. When he realized that Eobard was an ancestor of his he sacrificed himself in order to prevent him being born. However, before this took place..

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The Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) KILLS Cisco, The Flash Out of time Clip [FULL] (HD) Eddie Punches Barry - The Flash 1x16 - Duration: 0:33. TheBlackTurkey 462,521 views. 0:33 . Olicity 2.08. Eobard Thawne, in case you didn't read the comics, is the Flash's archenemy (he also goes by the aliases Professor Zoom and Reverse-Flash). Eddie is not the innocent good guy he pretends to be. The other major reveal is the Reverse-Flash is actually Eobard Thawne, and Eddie is his distant ancestor. The show never provides an exact family tree to work out their relation to one another, but it appears Eobard is essentially the great-great-grandson of Eddie. Professor Eobard Thawne (c. 2151) also known as Reverse-Flash, is a meta-human from the future and archenemy of Barry Allen/ The. Eobard Thawne is a speedster from the future known as the Reverse-Flash. After the Crisis in which the Flash sacrificed himself to save the world, Thawne realized that he had to go back in time and make sure that Barry Allen became the Flash, or else he would no longer exist

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Eobard Thawne was a brilliant scientist born in the 25th century, where Barry Allen's heroism as the Flash is the stuff of legend. Seeking to emulate his idol, Thawne traveled back in time to meet. Eobard Thawne:...Hello. You don't have to be shy now. I can feel your presence. Like a wave of static electricity. It's powerful, I'll admit. In fact, I've never encountered anything quite like it. You've done such strange things to the timeline. Things I won't begin to question. And you've remained hidden. From all of them...but I am not like them. My existence is the only constant in a sea.

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He's basically a time paradox. He's run through time and damaged it frequently that his exsistence does not make sense. He'll just keep coming back for no rhyme or reason. Think of the old paradox of you going back in time and killing your paterna.. My theory on RF still being alive: > RF is killed when Eddie ends his life for the first time, completely. > Barry creates Flashpoint, which then brings back Eobard Thawne from before his years as Harrison Wells. > Barry goes back to the present, but Eobard then has to live out that 20 or so years again (first time for him though). > When Eddie shoots himself, this time Eobard knows what's. Eobard Thawne is a time paradox and has always been there, he is the arch-nemesis of Barry Allen, his character is created in such a way that he will always be there. He will be there as long as Barry Allen is in existence, that's what his character is. To show an example of him never being killed or staying dead would be as follows

‘The Flash’: What if the new Reverse-Flash is actually a60 Best Reverse Flash images | Reverse flash, The flash

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Serait-ce là un simple clin d'œil à ce cher Eobard Thawne aka le Professeur Zoom (le Reverse Flash) ? Il est fort probable que ce Eddie soit dans la série l'aïeul d'Eobard (qui serait introduit plus tard dans le show The Flash) puisque le Professeur Zoom vient du 25ème siècle. Les spéculations sont lancées Eobard Thawne, aka Professor Zoom and the Reverse Flash, is the Arch-Enemy of Barry Allen and the one who killed his mother. Duplicating Barry's powers out of an obsession with him, Eobard attempted to replace him in life, and when rejected by the latter's wife, spitefully killed her, later forcing the pacifistic Barry to kill Eobard himself to save his then-fiancé from suffering the same. Comic Barry was constantly getting wrecked by Eobard, only winning through Thawne not wanting to kill him, Thawne being an idiot, or some bullshit going on lol 2 years ago Stormdrive Eddie's name shares similarity with Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Professor Zoom. In the comics, Eobard is a fan of The Flash's from the 25th century who tried to become like his hero. After gaining.

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EXCLUSIVE: Eobard Thawne Brings Back a Classic DC Weapon in The Flash #754. CBR's exclusive preview of The Flash #754 shows Barry Allen teaming up with the Reverse-Flash as Eobard Thawne claims a familiar weapon. By Sam Stone May 11, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. While Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne have been the bitterest of enemies for years, the two old foes are about to join. Eobard Thawne. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy. (September 2018) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Eobard Thawne; Textless cover of Batman vol. 3, #22.

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Eobard Thawne (b. 2975 ABY) was a Speedster criminal from the future known as Reverse Flash. Contents . Biography Edit Early Life Edit. Thawne was born on Pepar in 2975 ABY. Growing up, he admired the Flash and desired to meet him. At some point, Thawne learned he was destined to become the Flash's greatest enemy, Reverse Flash. Angered, Thawne vowed to kill everyone the Flash loved and make. View, comment, download and edit thawne Minecraft skins What is clear is that it begins with the lighting bolt which struck Barry - meaning Eobard Thawne owes his own speed to that same event. That means Thawne is free to torment Barry Allen, but unable to kill him (or he would lose his own powers). In The Flash TV series, Thawne lost his speed only after Barry left him stranded in a timeline in which Barry had yet to gain his powers. Thawne's.

The Flash Reveals Tom Cavanagh's Future On The ShowWho Is The Villainous Reverse Flash? We Rank The LikelyWho would win in a fight: Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) vs
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