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RULE: Many is used with countable plural nouns like children and students. Much, on the other hand, can only be used with uncountable nouns like money or homework. A lot can be used with both Parmi les erreurs courantes que les francophones commettent avec l'anglais, l'utilisation de much et de many occupe une bonne place. Ces deux mots, tout comme l'expression a lot of ou lots of, s'emploient pour traduire la notion de quantité, pour dire beaucoup. Cependant, si leur signification est la même, il ne faut pas les confondre

When used in a positive sense much refers a large amount of something. A lot of also means a large number or amount. However, from the to expressions much and a lot of, a lot of is considered an expression used in an informal sense The first im­por­tant dif­fer­ence is that many can be used only with count­able nouns in the plural (e.g. many trees, many houses, many peo­ple), and much can only be used with un­count­able (mass) nouns in the sin­gu­lar (e.g. much water, much wood, much hap­pi­ness), for ex­am­ple They are all used to mean a large quantity but it depends on what you are talking about. Much is used for uncountable nouns, Many is used for countable nouns, whereas a lot of and lots of are used in both cases. For example here's how I'd describe a fair I went to last week: There wasn't much to see at the fair Si on veut dire j'ai beaucoup d'argent (affirmative), il faut remplacer much avec a lot of: I have a lot of money. En fait, a lot of peut remplacer much ou many dans toutes les exemples ci-dessus! Certes, ç'est un peu plus familier, mais chez nous c'est tout à fait normale Many and much are more formal than a lot. This is partly because the expression a lot was coined in the 18th century, so it is relatively new. Owing to the high frequency of a lot in modern English, you could say a lot is replacing much and many

What's the Difference Between Much, Many, Little, and A Lot

a lot of, much, many Avant de commencer, vous devez vous assurer de comprendre la différence entre dénombrables et indénombrables - Vous pouvez traduire beaucoup par many ou a lot of avec les dénombrables Ex : many cars Ex : a lot of cars -Vous pouvez traduire beaucoup par much ou a lot of avec les non dénombrables Cependant, il est de plus en plus courant d'utiliser a lot of plutôt que. Both 'much' and 'many' are determiners, and have the same or similar definition. They mean 'a lot of', or 'in great quantities', or 'a great amount'. They may mean the same, but their usage differs. These are the rules regarding the usage of 'much' and 'many' in the English language Much and Many The words much and many both mean a lot of.As a result, they are sometimes confused. Much The word much is used with a singular noun. For example: How much money does one man need? (Money is a singular noun.)How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (Wood is a singular noun.)People don't understand how much time and work it takes to make somebody laugh Summary: These expressions are used in informal English. The Difference Between Lots of and A Lot of is that A lot of / lots of mean 'a great quantity of' or a 'large number of'. A lot of and lots of can be used before a countable or an uncountable noun. A lot means 'a great deal'

Next activity. Would you like to practice the difference between these quantifiers?Try our Much, Many, A lot, Few Game or our Few vs. Little Game. If you found this grammar guide about Much, Many, A lot and Few in English useful, let others know about it The difference between much and many is that much is used with uncountable nouns, many are used with countable nouns. The words much and many are two quantifiers, that is used to indicate a large amount, degree or quantity of something, but not in exact terms The only difference between the two expressions, 'a lot of' and 'lots of' is the usage. By many English speakers both are considered informal and colloquial, more suited to casual or familiar conversation, rather than written or business English

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much, many, a lot of, a little, a few Comment exprimer la quantité. Savoir dire peu, un peu, beaucoup, trop, etc..., autrement dit, exprimer une quantité, se fait à l'aide de mots très courants en anglais.Cela ne présente pas de grandes difficultés, à condition de savoir faire la différence entre noms dénombrables et indénombrables (voir le lien ci-contre les pages connexes du menu) Synonym for much @grox14 (sorry I don't speak Russian so I don't understand what you wrote in the notes, but I'll explain the difference) you can use much, many, a lot of, lots of to talk about quantities, amounts and degree. you can use them followed by a noun or not (as a pronoun). - much + noun (the noun should be SINGULAR). ex: I'm a bit weak, I don't have. A lot of, much and many are used to talk about quantities, amounts and degree. A LOT OF: A lot of can be used in all sentences: There is hardly any difference between a lot of and lots of. Lots of is slightly more informal. The new owner made a lot of money on the stock market. Charlie's got lots of money and he's generous with it. A lot (without of) means a great deal. A lot is not. many: countable nouns (bottles of milk, jars of marmalade, dollars, minutes etc.) Examples: How much money have you got? How many dollars have you got? In informal English these questions are often answered with a lot of, lots of. There is no much difference between the two phrases. 2. When do we use a little/little and when a few/few

Here's what happens: much / many / a lot of (lots of) / plenty of — a lot, few / little — a little small. The difference between the words much and many is that the first is used with uncountable nouns, and the second — with countable. The same feature applies to the words of opposing much and many This worksheet explains the difference between a few,a little, much, many and a lot of.There are some explanations and also the exercises.Hope it useful ^_^ Welcome to ESL Printables, the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. If you want to download you have to. Much vs Many There is a definite difference between much and many though some people do not pay any attention to this difference at all. It can be said that both the words, much and many, should be used as adjectives but with a difference. If we look at the two word much and many separately there are some interesting facts to be noted

Much - many - a lot of. Explanation and exercises. Choose between much, many or a lot of. Practise your English grammar in the English classroom Phillip owns many properties in France. We didn't earn much profit this year. How much money have you got? Sharon does not have many friends. There are too many students in this class. It doesn't need much milk. We had so much fun. I spent many days there My daughter eats little/much/few/a lot of chocolate. c. We never drink some/any/muchalcohol. d. She has made much/little/some/many progress. e. They have had some/many/enough/much unforgettable.

many ou much ? Quelle est la différence ? Comment retenir quand utiliser quoi ? Avec le mot information, utilise-t-on many ou much ? La réponse à toutes ces questions avec des exemples bien choisis, suivis d'un exercice pour vous tester. (Après cet article, vous nous direz Thank you so much Much, many, lots and a lot are used in front of comparatives to talk about larger quantities. In the comparative, much, many as well as a lot, lots are used in affirmative sentences: It's much hotter today than yesterday. It's much more attractive now you've painted it. There are a lot / lots more people here this year. We haven't got many more flowers in our garden - despite the rain.

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'Many', 'much', 'a lot of', and 'lots of' in Englis

  1. To tell the difference between a-l-o-t, a-l-l-o-t, and a space l-o-t, look at the sentence you are working with. If you are trying to express a quantity, like a lot of sugar or a lot of money, a space l-o-t is the correct phrase. If you're trying to use another word for the verb, give, use a-l-l-o-t like in the phrase allot my time. A-l-o-t is actually not a recognized word.
  2. Logically, if we loosely define 'much' as meaning 'a lot of' (when used with non-count nouns), then there's no reason why they shouldn't be freely interchangeable, at least grammatically speaking. Generally, though, it's often just a matter of style, 'much' being perceived as the more elegant of the two, especially in negative clauses
  3. Q: What is the difference between many and several? A: Several is used to mean more than some but less than many. Again, there is no exact number. The dictionary says it means more than a few but not a great number. A couple means two. A han..
  4. A lot of Lots of Many (dénombrable) Much (indénombrable) A propos de many et much, un dénombrable est quelque chose que l'on peut compter, et un indénombrable quelque chose que l'on ne peut pas compter. Par exemple water est indénombrable, tandis que apple est dénombrable. (Je ne peux pas compter le nombre d'eau, tandis que je peux compter le nombre de pommes). On dirait donc much.
  5. Both lots and plenty are quantifiers used in affirmative sentences. They can be placed before singular or plural countable and uncountable nouns. Although lots and plenty are acceptable in academic writing, their usage is considered to be informal. In formal academic writing, it is more appropriate to use many, much, and more
  6. When we talk about a lot, we can say much or many, but when do we use which word? This article contains many useful tricks to remember the difference
  7. There were lots different stalls at the market. 'of' is not used when a lot of/lots of do not have a noun after them: Where there many people at the beach? Yes lots. Much and many are normally used in negative sentences or questions. Much is used with non-count nouns and many is used with plural count nouns. There aren't that many Indian restaurants in my city. Did you spend much at the.

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much, many, little, few, some, any, no - table . many/much . many for countable, much for uncountable in (?) and (-). We use many before plural (countable) nouns and much before uncountable nouns. We use them in negative sentences and questions.We don't often use them in affirmative sentences. There isn't much coffee in the jar.; Were there many people in the party Voici ce qui arrive: much / many / a lot of lots of / plenty of — un lot, few / little — un peu petites. La différence entre les mots much et many est que le premier est utilisé avec des noms innombrables, et le second — avec dénombrable The choice between much and many depends on the noun it is describing.. Much is used to describe mass nouns or noncount nouns like juice, rice, patience, and happiness.When using much, the noun will always be singular; it cannot be plural.. Many is used to describe count nouns or nouns that can be counted like books, ideas, leaves, and shoes.When using many, the noun will always be plural

Much, many en a lot of betekenen alle drie 'veel'. Maar wanneer gebruik je nu welke? Daarvoor moet je kijken naar het soort zin waarin het voor komt en het zelfstandig naamwoord dat erachter komt. Much. In vragende en ontkennende zinnen als het zelfstandig naamwoord ontelbaar is: -> Have you got much work to do? ->There isn't much information about the accident. Many. In vragende en. Différence entre Much et Many en langue anglaise. Cours gratuit, Exercices, Expressions. 8 comments. Share 0. Tweet 0. Share 0. Share 0. Tweet 0. Share 0. Comment différencier Much et Many en anglais Much versus Many Much is not countable and has no plural form. Donc le mot much en anglais est non comptable et n'à pas de pluriel. Exemples : How much sugar. How much milk. How.

Now, if you understand the difference between a few and few, then the difference between a little and little is easy. The only difference is a little and little are used with uncountable nouns (e.g. sugar, money, stress). a little = less than some but more than none. He put a little sugar in his coffee. little = not much Quite a few means a lot: I have many friends; I've known quite a few of them since high school. Difference Between Little and a Little. Little and a little follow the same pattern as few vs. a few. The only difference is that we use few and a few with countable nouns in the plural form, and we use little and a little with uncountable nouns: We had little time to prepare before we had to go. Key difference: 'Many' and 'most' are two terms that are used to denote quantity. However, the two terms differ in the manner that they can be used. Technically, most is more than many. 'Most', on the other hand, is generally used to refer to something when it is 'in the greatest degree or in the majority of instances. Hence, it can be said, that 'most' should be us Many/Much/A lot of/Lots of. Ask about English. Listen to the answer. Mark Shea answers: Hi Nancy, It's great to hear that you're making good use of our BBC Learning English site! Lots of questions. Some / Any / Much / Many. Some A little, a few or small number or amount.. We usually use some in positive sentences for countable and uncountable nouns. I have some friends in London.. I usually drink some wine with my meal.. Sometimes we use some in a question, when we expect a positive YES answer

The verb allot means to give or allow a share or portion of something. A lot means a large amount. (A lot is often a less formal way of saying many or much). Always spell a lot as two words, not one 6/ago/2016 - The difference between MUCH, MANY, A LOT OF and LOTS OF in Englis

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  1. Feb 7, 2018 - When to use Much, Many, Lot, Few and Little. The different uses of these Quantifiers in English Grammar
  2. Key difference: 'Many' and 'several' are two terms that are used to denote quantity. However, the two terms differ in the manner that they can be used. Both the terms indicate a large, indefinite amount of something. 'Many' is mainly used with countable nouns, such as person, apple, spoon, day, etc. 'Several', on the other hand, generally refers to an unspecified number of thi
  3. Answers. 1. I waited for many hours.. 2. She was won many awards.. 3. How much do you need?. 4. There aren't many houses in this area.. 5. She has got many friends.. 6. You didn't eat much breakfast.. 7. She can speak many languages.. 8. I don't know much about computers.. 9. Much has been written about the causes of poverty and unemployment.. 10. You have made too many mistakes in this.

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  1. a lot of / lots of. Use a lot of or lots of for nouns, you cannot count and for plurals. These adverbs of quantity refer to frequency, quantity and degree. For countable and uncountable nouns use exact quantities in your answer or use a lot of / lots of.Examples: I've got 10 pens. I'v got a lot of pens.. Examples and sentences a lot of, lots o
  2. Apr 9, 2019 - When to use Much, Many, Lot, Few and Little. The different uses of these Quantifiers in English Grammar
  3. A lot of vs. much, many: A lot of, much and many have a similar meaning, but we often use them differently.. We use a lot of mostly in positive sentences.. In negatives and questions we prefer much and many:. He watches a lot of films. [positive] He doesn't watch many films. [negative] Do you watch many films? He drinks a lot of coffee. [positive] He doesn't drink much coffee
  4. Those many mice Ate very much rice And a lot of chocolates Mars. They said, It's nice To eat so much rice And so many chocolate bars! Log in or register to post comments; LadyCrystalKitten replied on 1 February, 2020 - 12:32 Romania Permalink. What a great poem for this grammar topic, ThoughtfulGem100! Well done! We hope you're enjoying our site! LadyCrystalKitten LearnEnglish Kids team.
  5. 17-nov-2015 - The difference between HOW MUCH and HOW MANY in English - Gramma
  6. not much difference/not a lot of difference ? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed

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Much and many can be used as an alternative to a lot of. Much is used with singular nouns and many is used with plural nouns. They can be used without nouns if the meaning is clear 'Alot' is a common misspelling of 'a lot.' 'A lot' is the opposite of 'a little.' 'To allot' means to give out or to apportion. Of note, Alot is a town in India. This page has examples of alot, a lot, and allot as well as an interactive exercise Exercises on much and many. The words much and many mean a lot of. If a noun is in singular, we use much Example: much money; If a noun is in plural, we use many Example: many friends; Use of much / many. In everyday English, we normally use much / many only in questions and negative clauses. Example: How much money have you got? Carla does not have many friends. In positive clauses with so.

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There is a lot of coal. Many and much 1 are mostly found in interrogative and negative sentences. In the affirmative, we use a lot of. We can replace a lot of with lots of or plenty of: I've got a lot of /lots of/plenty of safety pins There's a lot of/lots of/plenty of coal. Of must be dropped if we do not mention the noun: I've got a lot/lots/plenty. There's a lot/lots/plenty. Many goes with. I would like to know whether there is a difference between these terms. word-usage word-choice word-difference. share | improve this question | follow | edited Jul 10 '16 at 13:06. CowperKettle . 37k 13 13 gold badges 106 106 silver badges 206 206 bronze badges. asked Mar 13 '14 at 10:07. Lucian Sava Lucian Sava. 11.4k 12 12 gold badges 37 37 silver badges 91 91 bronze badges. add a comment. There is no much difference between the volatile matter contents of Tai and Garin Maiganga coal samples. International Journal of Industrial Chemistry. 6. These expressions are only suitable for the small dispersive channels (i.e., there is no much difference of SNRs between each subchannel). EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing . 7. On the other hand, there is no much difference. Too much means excessive. It means abnormally unproportional, a transgression from a healthy boundary. So much means a lot. Like really really a lot. If I love you too much it means I love you to the point where the love I have for you consume.. (These plural count nouns use many ) traffic. fruit. machinery. information. furniture. money. time (These use much) It's important to understand the difference between noncount and count nouns when using many and much. Noncount nouns are often used to describe large categories while count nouns are usually more specific

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  1. A lot of water is wasted. Lots of water is wasted. Plural. A lot of computers are needed at schools. Lots of computers are needed at schools. 2. Formal English. In formal English we use plenty of or much and many instead of a lot of/lots of. Singular. Plenty of water is wasted. Much water is wasted. Plural. Plenty of computers are needed at.
  2. Whether to use how much or how many depends on whether the following noun is countable or non-countable. In English, how much is often combined with non-countable qualities known as abstractions. These are common words such as time, water, and fun. Countable nouns are objects that you can count, such as apples, telephones, or cars
  3. What is the difference between many and a lot? Asked by Wiki User. 7 8 9. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2012-01-22 16:06:28 2012-01-22 16:06:28. A few. There is a smidgin more in a lot.
  4. What is the difference between Much and Many. Here are two more words that people often confuse. Much and many. They are used for different things and so, with a little practice, they aren't that bad. Much is used with uncountable nouns and many is used with countable nouns. It's that simple! Take a look at the list of uncountable nouns and then a countable one relating to them: Uncountable.
  5. Last updated Oct 11, 2013. 53,147. Share . GREAT IN NUMBER. many - always with countable nouns (many cars, firends, etc.) much - always with uncountable nouns (much work, much snow, etc.) a lot of / lots of - can be used with both countable and uncountable.

In nature, land is not divided into sections. This practice began when humans started claiming ownership of land. Many different terms are used to describe pieces of land. Some terms are general like tract, while others refer to land use like lot and some indicate dimensions like acre How much coffee have you had today? a lot of/lots of . Before both countable and uncountable We use a lot of or lots of (more informal) before both plural (countable) and uncountable nouns. We normally use them in positive sentences. She spends a lot of time watching TV. We had lots of good moments together. of before noun; no of at the end of sentence We must always use a lot of or lots of. Exercise on much and many. Exercise 4. Decide whether you have to use much or many. There is too water in the bath tub. How brothers and sisters has Anne got? I don't receive letters nowadays. How rice do you eat per week? I put too salt in the soup. How.

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In the case of much difference the of a in between the two words are implied, making it synonymous to much of a difference. Oct 22 2008 08:53:08. zzap; I don't think there is much of a difference between the two. I think now you're clear. Jan 29 2020 10:34:01. anonymous; Answer this Question Ask a Question . Related Topics. How Much Or How Many Clothes? What Is The Difference Between. What the difference between :Is there much/a lot of traffic in my neighbourhood? thank you? Answer Save. 5 Answers. Relevance. jimbot. Lv 6. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Really the debate is whether to use much or many. A lot of is colloquial for either one. Since traffic is not a count noun (one traffic, two traffic - makes no sense) - use much. Is there much traffic in your. このあたりの 「many」と「much 」の違いは感覚 みたいなもので、 ひとつずつこのケースは、「many」で、 このケースは「much」と覚えていくのは難しいと思います。 Many students study English. × Much students study English. これは簡単ですね。 生徒の数は数えれるから。 「a lot of」「lots of」について. たぶん. In general, 'how much' refers to a quantity of units (money/a lot or little, water/some or 2 liters, exercise/occasional or 30 minutes). It is for more nebulous answers, such as some or a lot or none. Answers can be in general quantities, or sometimes even in specific units, but the item itself is not countable, only the units to measure it

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When you finish this lesson you will be able to exchange information about existence using quantifiers such as many, much, some, any, a lot of, a few and a little to express no-specific quantities and amounts of food. Youngson, N. (2016). assessment [image]. Retrieved on 2017, April 19 from https://goo.gl/tYmrPV. To achieve the objective, it will be a good idea you study the vocabulary. Difference Between Much and Many Difference Between Less and Fewer Difference Between Do and Does Difference Between That and Which Difference Between Has and Have Difference Between Already and All ready. Filed Under: English. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website. Save my name, email, and website in. A lot of/ lots of many Questions A lot of/ lots of Plenty of many Uncountable nouns Luggage, information, overtime A lot of/ lots of Plenty of A little A lot of/ lots of much A lot of/ lots of Plenty of much We only have a few meetings this week. We have a lot of clients. We have a lot of information about that company. Add a little information i much, many, lots of, plenty of, numerous, a large number of, etc. ► Much and many : Much is used with non-count nouns (always in the singular); many is used with ► count nouns in the plural. (See ► the difference between count nouns and non-count nouns) Many modifies things that can be counted (i.e., count nouns).Much modifies things that can't be counted (i.e., mass nouns).In other words, many tends to modify plural nouns, and much tends to modify singular nouns.For example, we write many doctors, many stars, and many dollars because these nouns are countable, and we write much knowledge, much light, and much money because these nouns aren.

Difference Between 'a lot of' and 'lots of' Difference

So much, so many. La compréhension d'une langue passe par ses règles de grammaire. Voici la règle expliquée par Gymglish, cours d'anglais en ligne. So much, so many. So much et so many correspondent tous les deux à 'tant de', 'autant de' : • So much précède les éléments indénombrables (so much water) • So many précède les éléments dénombrables (so many stars) Le complément. Main Difference - Few vs Little. Few and little are two quantifiers that are commonly used. Although these two adjectives have similar meanings, there is a difference in their usage. The difference between few and little stems from the difference between countable and uncountable nouns; few is used with countable nouns whereas little is used with uncountable nouns 03.05.2018 - Much vs Many! The choice between many vs much depends on the noun it is describing

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Ou plutôt deux constructions : how much et how many! Comment faire la différence ? C'est ce que nous allons voir tout de suite, c'est parti ! L'emploi de How Much et de How Many en anglais. Avant de s'engager dans une conversation en anglais, il convient d'en maîtriser les termes de base, et savoir compter en fait clairement partie ! Bon, commençons par poser les bases : en anglais, on. What is the Difference Between Too Much and To Much? In this article, I will compare too much vs. to much. I will outline the correct phrase and use it in several example sentences to demonstrate its proper context. Plus, I will show you a memory tool that will help you remember whether too much or to much is the correct choice

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Difference between how much and how many? Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Lisa A. Lv 7. 8 years ago. Favourite answer. It depends if the noun is countable or uncountable. You can't count water, for example. You would say how much water?. But you can count pencils. So you would say how many pencils?. 0 3 0. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Anonymous. 8 years ago. Many---- for. 17-nov-2015 - The difference between HOW MUCH and HOW MANY in English - Grammar Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times Exercice grammaire anglais: much/many Posted on 19 décembre 2014 15 novembre 2018 by Mat in Exercices Pour télécharger et imprimer en PDF gratuit cette page d'exercices anglais, cliquez-ici La difference entre les deux expressions de chaque paire est une différence de sens ou de connotation. Sans l'article , few et little (employés respectivement avec des noms dénombrables et des noms indénombrables) ont le sens de not much/ not many, and possibly less than one might hope for or expect A lot much many (a) little (a ) few): ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR IN USE Codificación GKB 049-03 (Unidad 82 y 83, págs. 172, 173) ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR IN USE SUPLEMENTARY EXERCISES CODIFICACIÓN GBK 048-02 (Unidad 82 y 83, págs 77, 78) Author: Asesoriascadi Created Date: 8/22/2013 11:25:51 AM.

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Difference between too and enough TOO. too + adjective: This shirt is too expensive. It costs $30 and I have only $25. too much + uncountable noun: I drank too much water; now I really need to go to the bathroom! too many + countable noun: She put too many eggs into the cake. The recipe said 3 and she used 5. verb + too much: He complains too much. He has such a negative attitude. Many refers to a number of individual items, for example: The boy had many marbles. Much refers to the quantity of one items. We ate too much food Lesson Goals: At the end of the lesson, the students should be familiar with the main difference between countable and uncountable nouns. They will learn how to use much and many with some level appropriate vocabulary for foods. They will be able to conduct a simple conversation at the grocery store. Target Grammar: How much/how many. Target Vocabulary: Food. Presentation: 1. Listen and fill. Alcuni quantificatori indicano grandi quantità (a lot, much, many), altri piccole quantit à (a little, a bit, a few) e altri ancora quantità indefinite (some, any). Ci sono inoltre quantificatori che esprimono l'idea di sufficienza (enough, plenty). Alcuni di essi sono simili nel significato ma differiscono nell'uso, a seconda che il sostantivo che accompagnano sia numerabile o non. Much, More, Many. I need many practice exercises. - countable like x number of exercises. I need much practice. - means a lot of, but no exact number and no comparison. I need more practice. - what I am doing currently is not enough. more of, much of, many of. Often, these words are used with the preposition of. · I want more of the. exercice much many. grammaire divers. Pour télécharger et imprimer cette page d'exercice en PDF gratuit, cliquez-ici ! Les réponses se trouvent en bas de page. Too, too much ou too many ? Complétez les phrases suivantes: 1. The coffee is hot for me. 2. I put down the backpack because it was heavy. 3. The beach is very crowded, there's just people! 4. Children spend time watching TV. 5.

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